We mainly perform logistics operation through a global logistics network such as :

  • Procurement logistics of raw materials and production parts from supplier to manufacturer;
  • Factory logistics which cover receiving, storage, forwarding and materials/parts distribution;
  • Sales logistics which include inventory management and delivery to retailers; and
  • Repair parts logistics including reverse logistics.

Taking advantage of know-how on a global supply chain management covering from upstream to downstream that have been accumulated in the electronics industry, we will provide various solutions as a logistics designer.

Our Recommend Solutions

Factory Logistics and Procurement Logistics Solutions
Consumer Electronics Logistic Solutions
Global Business Development- The Complete Package of Outsourced Operations

Our Logistics Service Menu

Warehouse Storage Services
Incidental Warehouse Services
Air Import and Export Forwarding
Customs Clearance Service
Sea Freight Forwarding
MVOCC Sea Transportation
Land Transportation
Modal Shift

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